Changing First Responder Culture: A Shout Out

The pandemic has accelerated the need for the first responder culture to change. This is a “shout out” to some folks involved in that change.

Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP

Dr. Marks is currently a Professor of Practice in Psychology and Program Director of the Supportive Education for Returning Veterans at the University of Arizona. Dr. Marks was co-founder of Vietnam Veterans of Montana and has received the Disabled Americans Veterans Humanitarian Award. Dr. Marks has dedicated his career to working with trauma survivors, both military and civilian, adults and children, for the last 44 years.

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“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”

— Confucius

One Tree Learning Institute

Our program is the application of resiliency practices that manage stress. The focus is on evidence-based practices and systems of resilience. We all will get changed by life events, but what that change looks like will depend on us. We can become survivors and grow from those experiences, rather than become victims of them. We have the power to help others grow by learning from our perspective. It is important for us to share the insights’ we have learned from working with these skills. In doing so we create a “clan” that sustains us; a place where we both give and receive.

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