Gratitude and Giving Thanks

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / November 27, 2020

During this holiday it serves as a great reminder to consider the things we are grateful for and focus on them. There are some simple tips to increase our sense of gratitude. Remember, being grateful makes us happier.

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Moral Injury or Burn-Out?

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / November 20, 2020

What has often been referred to as “burn-out” may, in fact, be a “moral injury” among responders and healthcare providers. What is the difference and what can you do about it?

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Take A Deep Seat and Stay In the Middle

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / November 13, 2020

Resilient people aren’t pollyannaish and this is no time, especially for first responders and healthcare workers to pretend that what is coming at you and ALL of us is not going to be disastrous. As my Irish twin brother, who is an old cowboy is fond of saying, “Sometimes all you can do is take […]

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Control What You Can, Leave The Rest

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / November 6, 2020

Despite all of the stress of this election cycle first responders, police and healthcare workers have been “ruckin’ it up” and doing their jobs. The data indicates y’all are stressed out and burning out. And it is no wonder why. Two important coping strategies in these times: 1) reach out to someone on your team […]

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Grief and Loss in the Time of COVID-19

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / October 30, 2020

Too often we try to avoid negative, painful emotions. But to be resilient we sometimes need to “embrace the suck.” Today’s blog talks about ways to create time to acknowledge these feelings, understand, accept them, and then move on with our lives.

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“COVID Fatigue” and Thriving in the Midst of the Pandemic

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / October 23, 2020

We’re all tired of this pandemic and the stresses it created. The question is how do we thrive in the midst of all of this? Let’s talk about learning a “thriving mindset” to combat covid fatigue.

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Persistence Is A Choice

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / October 16, 2020

Persistence is a choice. It is about a belief in ourselves, the goals we have and the steps to achieve them. I believe that focusing on the steps to our goal provides us many opportunities to practice mindfulness and give ourselves credit for our accomplishments. It makes it easier to persist.

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Anger, Gandhi, Vote

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / October 9, 2020

After reading the Op Ed from NEJM, I’m angry not just for the ineptitude of our leaders and the 212,000 deaths and their grieving families. I am angry for what the first responders and healthcare workers have endured and continue to endure. VOTE !!

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Resilience in the News

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / September 25, 2020

Resilience has been in the news lately as we all continue to struggle with COVID-19. Being resilient does not mean we are “pollyannish” about the challenges we face, it is about controlling what we can and maintaining our social support system. I’m going to be practicing a “do nothing” meditation next week, so we’ll see […]

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Exercise and Mindfulness

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / September 18, 2020

Usually we don’t associate exercise and mindfulness. However, here are some ideas about how to unplug from your technology when you are exercising and be present while you practice the strength resilience skill of exercise

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“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”

— Fredrick Douglass

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Our program is the application of resiliency practices that manage stress. The focus is on evidence-based practices and systems of resilience. We all will get changed by life events, but what that change looks like will depend on us. We can become survivors and grow from those experiences, rather than become victims of them. We have the power to help others grow by learning from our perspective. It is important for us to share the insights’ we have learned from working with these skills. In doing so we create a “clan” that sustains us; a place where we both give and receive.

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