Walk on the Wild Side

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / May 14, 2021

Usually when we think about exercise and our health we think about doing something strenuous. It turns out that taking a walk in a forest or nature can have some amazingly positive effects on our biochemistry. The Japanese call it, “Forest Bathing,” and it has been studied all over the world with similar outcomes. Just […]

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It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / May 7, 2021

As we emerge from the pandemic mental health issues will likely rise, rather than fall. Stories of increased suicide, burn-out, PTSD and “moral injury” are now being reported in the mainstream media. There are now even labels for the phenomenon we are going through.”Pandemic Trauma and Stress Experience’” (PTSE). Here are some things you can […]

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Transitions, Self-care and Vacations

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / April 23, 2021

In America we seldom use all of our PTO, which reflects on our poor self-care. Part of being resilient is knowing when and how to care for ourselves. We can’t fully care for others until we take care of ourselves.

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Tapping the Brakes on Our Thoughts

By Mike Grill, MS, NREMT-P / April 16, 2021

Our thoughts drive our feelings and behavior. Unfortunately, sometimes they can runaway from us. Here’s a good metaphor to get them back on track.

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Collective Trauma and Its Impact on the Family

By Mike Grill, MS, NREMT-P / April 9, 2021

Collective Trauma means we ALL have been impacted by COVID-19. Here’s a real life example of what happened to a couple of families after 9/11. Notice that each did something about the collective trauma they had experienced.

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Are You Worth 8 minutes a Day?

By Mike Grill, MS, NREMT-P / April 2, 2021

The Subjective Unit of Distress Scale (SUDS) is a simple way to monitor your stress level. Here is a real life example of how it works.

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Post COVID-19, Anxiety and Hugs

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / March 26, 2021

We’ve all been “touch deprived” and its impact has had immediate consequences, both mentally and physically. Part of the “collective trauma” of the past year has been a certain level anxiety, even as we engage with friends and family that have practiced safety guidelines and been vaccinated. The best remedy is to push throw it. […]

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I Wish I Didn’t Know Now What I Didn’t Know Then

By Mike Grill, MS, NREMT-P / March 18, 2021

We’ve all had that “first call” and all the training in the world doesn’t prepare us for its impact on us. Through that “crucible event” we learn the hard lessons of good self-care, perspective, and the value of close friendships.

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Reach Out To Someone

By Mike Grill, MS, NREMT-P / March 12, 2021

Here’s something you can do today to reduce your isolation; call someone who haven’t reached out to in a while. It is a simple, practical and powerful exercise.

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Perspective and the New Normal

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / March 5, 2021

To be resilient we need to be open to different perspectives, so next weeks blog post will be from Mike Grill and some of his thoughts about resilience and COVID-19. He brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective after working in the fire/ems world for the past 35 years.

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“He conquers who endures.”

— Persius

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Our program is the application of resiliency practices that manage stress. The focus is on evidence-based practices and systems of resilience. We all will get changed by life events, but what that change looks like will depend on us. We can become survivors and grow from those experiences, rather than become victims of them. We have the power to help others grow by learning from our perspective. It is important for us to share the insights’ we have learned from working with these skills. In doing so we create a “clan” that sustains us; a place where we both give and receive.

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