Failure and Persistence

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / July 25, 2020

We have all failed. In fact, most of our most valuable life lessons have come from our failures. America has failed and the data proves it. What have we learned?

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What To Do With The Time Given

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / July 17, 2020

In the “Lord of the Rings”, Frodo tells Gandalf that he wishes all that was going on would not have come in his life time. Gandalf, in his wisdom, replies, “So do I and so do all who live in such times. But that is not for them to decide. All have to decide what […]

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How To Win The War On COVID-19

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / July 13, 2020

If we are going to use WAR as the literal and metaphoric image in our battle against COVID -19, then we need to behave accordingly. I was reminded of stories from WWII combat veterans who stormed the beaches of Normandy.

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Independence vs. Interdependence

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / July 3, 2020

There are times where our beliefs about our independence can get in our way. In the end, we are all interdependent. Perhaps, we should have a “Interdependent Day.”

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Hang Together or Hang Separately

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / June 26, 2020

Our divisiveness is going kill us literally, metaphorically, and otherwise. “Sticks in a bundle can’t be broken but sticks taken singly can be easily broken.” This applies to all of us !!

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Emotional Labor and Self-Care

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / June 19, 2020

With all of the demands and stresses that first responders and public service workers are facing with a pandemic, social unrest, and economic crisis and for those in the southeast the coming hurricane season self care becomes even more important.

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“I ain’t no hero” and other culture changes.

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / June 12, 2020

Being a hero means we being super human and comes at a huge price. As we go through these current major social changes we need to change the healthcare and first responder cultures while we are at it.

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The Perfect Storm

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / June 5, 2020

We are currently living in the midst of not just one crisis, but many. There is the pandemic, but also the psychological fall out of that, an economic crisis with that fear and uncertainty and now the long overdue confrontation about social injustice. Resilient people listen, learn and the lead others in growing from these […]

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Permission to be Human

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / May 29, 2020

I usually try to post once a week, but last week was tough. I lost a couple of people and Memorial Day Weekend is particularly tough me. So I practiced self-care by using some rituals and ceremonies that I have developed over the years. They are both a healthy reminder of grief and loss.

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What can we control?

By Michael Wm. Marks Ph.D., ABPP / May 18, 2020

In the midst of this pandemic, how does focusing on what we can control make us feel compared to thinking about what we cannot control?

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“I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders.”

— Jewish proverb

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Our program is the application of resiliency practices that manage stress. The focus is on evidence-based practices and systems of resilience. We all will get changed by life events, but what that change looks like will depend on us. We can become survivors and grow from those experiences, rather than become victims of them. We have the power to help others grow by learning from our perspective. It is important for us to share the insights’ we have learned from working with these skills. In doing so we create a “clan” that sustains us; a place where we both give and receive.

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